About Us

Benchrite LLC officially opened for business in July of 2010 and is owned by Steve Theye, a benchrest shooter who felt the major shooting supply houses were not paying too much attention to the needs of benchrest shooters. We are passionate about our little niche sport of group and score benchrest shooting and we have gotten to know many of the shooters around the country because we shoot a lot of matches every season. Never say never, but we probably will not end up turning into one of the “big guy suppliers” because we intend to keep our product offerings relevant to benchrest shooting and reloading.

Steve Theye worked at Sinclair in customer service for many years. Steve had been making Superfeet and Stock Tape Kits for Dave Dohrman when Dave was very ill the last years of his life, and it just seemed natural to keep a good product available. Steve does most of the day-to-day Benchrite business, travels to matches most of the year, and loves every minute of it.

We're a tad bit on the conservative side politically, so almost everything we sell is Made In The USA. We intend to provide unique, high quality products which we know work very well – because we use them. We welcome suggestions for new products or improvements to products we already carry. There will be excellent items we are not able to inventory because of financial or buying constraints, but we will try to tell you where to get them. Our number one goal for Benchrite is for each customer’s experience with us to be easy, pleasant and more than satisfactory. We will ship fast, our pricing will be as reasonable as we can make it, and if you have trouble with any of our products we will correct the situation immediately. Most of you are already our friends, and those we don’t know we hope to meet at a range somewhere. We carry a full inventory of our products to just about every match we shoot.

Thank you for your interest, keep the groups little and the X counts high,

Benchrite LLC
232 Alverno Drive
Fort Wayne, In 46816

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