Jay Young

Young Rail Gun Replacement Button (Slide Pin) Set


Jay Young makes the majority of the newer railguns used in Unlimited Benchrest competition today. He asked if Benchrite would be interested in making replacement Delrin Slide Pins for his rails since he was getting numerous requests for them and he didn't have time to make enough replacement sets. This Slide Pin Set includes three (all three pins for one railgun) and an installation tool. The Pins are machined to Young's exact specifications, from the specified PTFE filled Delrin rod he uses in the originals. There are holes under the three pins to knock them out with a flat nosed punch, and the new pins are easily tapped into place with the supplied Delrin installation tool no glue or adhesive is needed. This is a quick, easy job to bring your rail back to "new" slide contact condition. Custom Slide Pin lengths for other brands of railguns can be made to your length dimension if they are the same ½" diameter as the Pins for Young rails.

SKU: 70-001-00


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Young rail gun buttons

They look good and simple to install
Posted by Dean Thomas, Jul 23rd 2019