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Wilson Case Mouth Deburring Tool


Case mouth deburring is a vital step when you are making new cases or after trimming the necks to length. Sharp, uneven edges on new cases and especially trimmed cases need to be removed and a small chamfer cut on the inside and outside edges of the case mouth so the cases enter sizing bushings evenly and bullets start entering the case mouth squarely during seating. This tool is a standard Wilson Case Mouth Deburring Tool which will chamfer the inside of the case mouth and deburr the outside edge - works for 17 caliber to 45 caliber cases. This little tool can be used by hand with the tool in one hand and the case in the other (most benchrest shooters do it this way), under power by turning the case in the Benchrite Case Lathe or by a Case Holder and Driver in a drill or power screwdriver, or by  power turning the Deburring Tool with an adapter attachment (Sinclair makes an attachment). Do not get heavy handed with the tool – just a slight, even chamfer is all that is needed. Shooters who load at the range (group benchrest) keep one of these tools in their range loading box and one on their bench at home. The Wilson has long been considered the best of these little deburring tools.

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