TM Solution

TM Solution Bore Solvent


TM Solution is a newer style “non-ammonia” bore cleaner from Tom Merideth, a well known stock maker and benchrest shooter. These types of solvents use sophisticated chemical cleaners to dissolve carbon and float out copper deposits. Many shooters feel carbon fouling is more of a problem in benchrest barrels than copper fouling, and this solvent addresses that concept. TM Solvent is non-hazardous, contains no ammonia, removes all oils present in the bore, and will not “eat” bronze brushes. Cleaning with TM Solvent should always be followed with a light application of a good bore oil.

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Great stuff

This is an excellent bore cleaner. Ive tested quite a few as other have also and this one really knocks out carbon. It removes copper but it is slow at it. It turns carbon to slurry. I cleaned a pistol barrel i was sure was clean, even after bore scoping it and it removed more carbon. I suspect it was removing it from micro grooves in the bore. The odor has a slight hint of ammonia but wont stink up the house. I did find that working it in the bore with a brush that it atomizes it as the brush exits the bore and I would cough each time. I used gloves as this stuff can be absorbed into the skin. Great cleaner
Posted by Ken D, Nov 28th 2022