ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System


This new bore cleaning system was developed by Bullet Central and Iosso Products to make a physical/chemical quick and easy system for cleaning rifle bores.

The system includes two parts - ThorroClean Cleaner and ThorroClean Flush, both included in the kit and not sold separately at this time. ThorroClean addresses both copper and carbon fouling, and is intended to be used as a replacement for other cleaning products on the same cleaning cycle as you would normally practice.

The "cleaner" product contains Iosso Bore Cleaner, so be sure to shake the bottle before each use. Lots of shooters have reported very thorough results and easy use after trying ThorroClean a couple of times. Four ounces of each product are included in the kit with full instructions.




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Thorro Clean

This product apparently has Iosso in it. I have used Iosso Bore Paste for the past 4 years and it is my experience shooting competition and cleaning barrels for 20 years that Iosso is the only product effective at removing carbon. So I gave Thorroclean a try. Like the rest, my time and money were wasted. Iosso paste is still the only product, used as directed by itself, that effectively cleans a barrel like new. I am disappointed not in Thorroclean but in myself, for being fooled again by another knockoff. I applaud them for trying but it simply doesn't work.
Posted by Karl, Jan 16th 2023


Best I’ve ever used hands down for removing hard to remove stuck on carbon
Posted by Jared, Apr 4th 2022

ThrorroClean Bore Cleaning System

I used the product to clean two different rifles, both .30 Caliber. One is an old FN Action barreled with a HiC Stainless barrel with several thousand rounds through it which had not been cleaned for several months . The other is a Sako rebarrelled with a Shillen Premium barrel that I have been meticulous in cleaning after every session at the range. I followed the instructions on the bottles, cleaning the Sako first. There was more black goo on the patches than I would have imagined from what I thought to be a very clean bore. After the recommended treatment and about 5 dry patches, I was still getting black stuff on the patches. I conducted another round of recommended treatment and then checked the bore with patches soaked in Sweets. There was no blue color and the patches remained clean. I then cleaned the FN using the same procedure. After the first treatment which produced lots of black crud, I put five clean, dry patches through the bore and the last two came out clean after just one treatment. I checked the bore with Sweets and again found no blue color to indicate residual copper fouling. This appears to be a very effective cleaning system. it is reasonably priced and I would buy it again. I feel comfortable recommending it to friends.
Posted by Ted Stanfield, Oct 27th 2021

Great product

This cleaning combo does everything that is says it will do. I cleaned a badly carboned barrel and it came out nice and shiny. Needless to say, I was impressed at how thorough it was. I will buy again. Just follow the instructions that come with it and you are good to go.
Posted by Mike, Jul 19th 2021