Skip's Seater Die Shims


Competition shooters realize how critical correct bullet seating depth is to perfect rifle “tune”. Most of these shooters use Wilson style seating dies with an arbor press to seat bullets, and moving the seater stem in the die cap for each adjustment in seating depth is very hard to do accurately. This Seater Die Shim Set solves the problem easily, accurately and inexpensively. Just set the initial seating depth for a particular bullet with a middle sized shim between the die body and the seater cap, then change the shims to move the bullet closer or further away from the rifling. Our shim set includes ten steel shims in sizes from .003” to .025”. All shims are notch marked for easy identification, and can be stacked to get just the seating depth you want. We also have .002” shims for ultra-fine adjustment. The .002” shims are red plastic shim stock. Sets are available in 22 cal. to 6mm and 30 cal. These are the original “Skip’s Machine” seater die shims. Made in the USA.

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