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Remington/Stolle Cleaning Rod Guides (bolt diameter .695 to .700)


This group of Rod Guides fits Remington 700, 722, Stolle, Ruger bolt action, Winchester M70, Viper and many, many clones and copies. If your bolt body (not the lugs) measures .695” to .700” measured with a dial caliper, this is the Rod Guide Group you need. Find the cartridge or cartridge family your barrel is chambered for in the drop-down box. Each Rod Guide comes with one insert sized for the proper cleaning rod diameter for your cartridge, select extra inserts below under “Rod Guide Inserts”.

If your cartridge family is not listed, call or email – we will either have a guide for you or can make a “custom” guide.

SKU: 20-700-000


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Model 700 Bore Guide

I have this bore guide, a 300 Blackout AR bore guide, a 556 AR bore guide, and the guide handles, all of which are outstanding products. They fit perfect, feel high quality, and make cleaning feel smooth. Great investments toward the care of your rifle barrels.
Posted by CW Cooper, Aug 7th 2023

Bore guide

My second one of this brand and it works great and so much better than all the other ones I've tried. Good machining and fit and finish also good. Cost more than others but if you want quality you have to pay for it. Or you could buy cheap Chinese junk and go through 10 of them.....
Posted by Dean, Jul 18th 2023

Cleaning rods guide

Great fit, o-ring keeps it in place, rod insert keeps things straight. Great tool!
Posted by Ole Honadel, Dec 7th 2022

Rem bore guide

Works great best I’ve used very well made!!
Posted by Jeff , Mar 18th 2020