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PMA Tool New Priming Tool


PMA Tool’s new “Fullsized” Priming Tool is really excellent. It is patterned after their earlier “Mini Priming Tool”, but is a much enlarged and improved design. The tool body and handle measure about 4.25” in length, and the “hand fit”, ergonomics and leverage are excellent. This tool utilizes a ball bearing to support the punch assembly and engage the linkage which keeps all the moving parts in complete alignment while the primer is seated. Primer seating “feel” is superb. All punch contact surfaces are ground flat and parallel. The simply adjustable head assembly allows easy adjustments to primer seating depth and handle throw/stop, and a friction “O” ring holds the head where you set it. The primer cup (secondary punch) engages the case head to keep it square as the primer is seated. The tool uses Redding Press Type shell holders (other press type shell holder brands may fit, but are not recommended), and one shell holder is included with the tool along with both large and small primer punches. Swapping shell holders and primer punches for different cartridges is easy and quick. An upward swoop of the handle adds to leverage and reduces hand fatigue considerably. This really is a good priming tool, it is still smaller and lighter than most of the precision no-tray” tools around, but it is easy and comfortable to use and does a superior job of seating primers precisely. Additional Redding shell holders for other cartridges are shown in this category.

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