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We have used many, many styles, brands and adaptations of hand-held neck turning tools over the years, but this new (2010) PMA Tool turner is the easiest to adjust and most comfortable to use of any of them. This neck turning tool is unique in several respects: The adjustment mechanism moves the mandrel (not the cutter) straight back and forth on the centerline of the turning mandrel – the cutter stays in its locked position. The adjustment system operates on an 80 TPI drive screw, so achieving cut adjustments of .0001” is easy to do – adjustment dial marks are .0002” adjustment with plenty of space between marks. There is VERY little backlash in the adjustment system. The cutter is ground carbide – standard, not an extra cost option. The shape and weight of the tool body truly reduce user fatigue during a long neck turning session. Accepts any 3/8” shank carbide, stainless or tool steel neck turning mandrel (PMA, Sinclair, and others). Carbide cutters are available in 30 degree, 35 degree and 40 degree cutter angle. Mandrels sold separately, complete instructions included. Made in the USA.

Neck turning brass cases is a chore almost all benchrest shooters, many other competition shooters and lots of hunters do to get the best accuracy from their rifles (or to even get the brass to fit the chamber in the case of most PPCs and BRs). Most of us hate doing the job and often put it off till the night before the match. If you combine one of these PMA neck turning tools, a Benchrite Neck Turning Case Lathe and a carbide turning mandrel you will reduce the neck turning drudgery factor as far as we know to be possible. See the Benchrite Lathe and carbide mandrels on this site.

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PMA NECK turning tool

Had mine for several years, just does a great job, accurate, easy change over, fits great in my hand. Easily sneak up on tenths of a thousand
Posted by Howard Meier, Aug 26th 2022