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PMA Tool Case Holder Driver


These stainless steel Case Holder Drivers fit the PMA Tool case holders (30-010 to 30-016 on this site) and will enable you to power just about all the case prep operations you used to do by hand. You can clean case necks with steel wool, scotch brite or Krazy Kloth, chamfer and deburr case mouths or even neck turn case necks with a power screwdriver, drill or power center which has a chuck. Shaft is standard ¼” hex for all slip chucks. Drivers are small or large primer pocket specific which makes them faster and straighter than a stepped type driver. Fits PMA Tool case holders only, sold separately. Made in the USA.

SKU: 30-003-031
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great shell holder for drill press

I have three holders and this is the best one of the three. The only thing I would suggest is to sell the holder and specific adapter one unit. Also made the caliber specific available for what ever caliber a reloader needs, be it rifle pistol or shotshell. I use it to polish the minor corrosion off my loaded ammo, but I can only do .223 Rem. I haven't tried any pistol calibers but I will in the future.
Posted by Bob, Mar 29th 2023