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PMA Tool Carbide Neck Turning Mandrels


Carbide neck turning mandrels have some definite advantages over stainless steel or tool steel mandrels. Probably most important in critical neck turning applications is the ability of carbide to maintain dimensional stability under rather extreme changes in temperature. A long PPC neck turning session really heats up the turning mandrel, but carbide mandrels dont get larger when hot or smaller when cooled like the others do. Carbide, when properly finish ground, has a lower coefficient of friction than any steel mandrel, requires less lubrication and doesnt get as hot. Some lubrication is a must on all mandrels. Carbide mandrels have excellent resistance to galling or brass build-up. These PMA Tool Carbide neck turning mandrels are well finished, will last forever, have standard 3/8 shank to fit the PMA, Sinclair and many other neck turning tools, and measure .003 less than bullet diameter as they should.

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