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New PMA Tool Bullet Pullers


PMA Tool has been making (and Benchrite has been selling) the Charlie Hood designed bullet puller for several years, and customers really like them. You don't have to take the die out of your press and use a plier type puller for tough-to-pull bullets, just drop the round into the "false" chamber, tighten the bullet clamp and back out the false chamber. Very little bullet damage also, but it is not recommended to shoot pulled bullets in a match. These "New" Bullet Pullers differ from the tool we have sold for years in that they are "bullet caliber" specific and not "cartridge" specific. A 30 caliber tool will work on just about any 30 caliber cartridge (30 BR, 308, 300 Mag and so on) as long as they are all 30 caliber bullets. Same for the 22 caliber tool, the 6mm tool and the 6.5mm tool. These new pullers are a bit more expensive than the originals, but they have much wider cartridge usability. Great tool, and we all have to pull bullets from time to time.

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