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Mike Lucas Rod Guide Extra Insert (please read full description)


Mike Lucas is a small operation just like Benchrite and he is unable to keep up with the demand for his bore guides. Benchrite is limited in the frequency and quantity of guide orders we are able to make with Mike, and this causes some delay in Benchrite’s ability to ship all guides immediately. This situation is especially true with the 695” bolt diameter 30BR/308 guide and the AR-15 and AR-10 guides. To receive one of these guides the quickest, place your order on the web site in the normal manner, your guide order will be placed in queue in the order it was received and shipped the day the guides arrive from Lucas. Benchrite will email you with the approximate delay time if there is one. We apologize for this situation, but it is beyond our control. Special (not listed on this site) guide orders are welcome, but there is usually a four to six week lead time for them – email sales@benchrite.com to order “special” guides, or call us at 260-456-6809.

Most Benchrest shooters use two cleaning rods to save time and effort during matches. They leave the jag on one rod and use the other rod for brushes, mops or other implements – eliminates the need to take the jag off and screw the brush on all the time. The extra insert for Lucas guides enables those using two rods to leave the inserts on the rods as they switch from jag to brush. Inserts are available for 22 cal to 6.5 mm rod guides and 27 cal and up rod guides. Spare “O”rings are included with each extra insert.

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