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JLC Precision Full Length 6 PPC Sizing Die


Jim Carstensen of JLC Precision has been making custom fitted full length bushing dies for the PPC for some time. Many benchrest shooters have found that all their “brass problems” disappear when they begin using a properly fitting and machined full length sizing die every time a case is reloaded, their brass lasts longer and their cases chamber and extract easily. We talked to Jim at some length about how “different” the finished dies he made from customer submitted fired cases were, and he told us that one configuration (shoulder bump/base size) fit a huge percentage of chambers in use today. This is the full length sizer we stock. If you try this die and don’t like it, we will be happy to submit a few of your fired cases to Jim for a “custom” application in exchange. These full length sizing dies take standard ½” diameter Wilson type bushings, have hardened die bodies, come with a die lock ring and extra decap pin and O-ring for the decap assembly. Jim also makes custom full length sizing dies for 22 PPC, most BR chamberings and others, contact us for information. Made in the USA.


SKU: 30-004-072


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