Jacobs Keyless Chuck


We selected this Jacobs Chuck to use with our Case Prep/Neck Turning Lathe because of its high quality and ease of use. We tried out many replacement chucks and found this Keyless Jacobs to have much less run out than most other inexpensive models – we tried a bunch and most were awful! The Chuck is a “hand-tite” unit with a “click” indicator when tight, capacity is 1/16” to 3/8”, threaded mount is 3/8-24 to fit our Case Lathe Spindle (30-002-030). There is provision for a lock screw inside the chuck, but this is not needed for Case Lathe work and is not included. Purchase this chuck by itself (30-002-040) or in combination with our stainless Case Lathe Threaded Spindle (see 30-002-045 Combination Chuck-Spindle).

SKU: 30-002-040


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