John Loh

Four Screw Standard Scope Rings


These “Standard” height four screw (double screw) rings are .515” tall from the top of the scope base to the bottom of the scope tube. Ring width is the same as the 4-screw tall mode at .750”, weight of the set is 2.45  oz. These rings are considered to be “standard” or “short” height rings as compared to other ring manufacturers nomenclature. Four stainless steel Allen screws (7/64” Allen Wrench) on each top cap and two stainless steel Allen screws (9/64” Allen Wrench) on each base clamp. Fit Davidson, Bat type bases or Kelbly Panda type scope rails only. All Loh Scope Rings are foe 30mm scope tubes.


I got a call from John Loh’s sister – John has passed away. She and her husband, who is a retired engineer and John’s main machinist are going to complete some products from the parts remaining on hand. They say there will be a few presses, some rings and so on. Please let me know as soon as possible if you still want to be on the list for a press – I am doing this by request or order date. I do not have any shipping dates from them yet, but I felt from our phone conversation that they wanted to get things finished up as soon as possible.

 I am sorry for the long, confusing and irritating process this has been, but we may yet see a few presses and rings. John was a great guy and certainly made the highest quality benchrest products.

I am not sure about the Primer Catcher, but they said they would try to get some done.

SKU: 70-001-014


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Posted by Christopher covell , Nov 20th 2019