Drop Tubes for Benchrite Screw-Off Funnels


These Drop Tubes are "spare" or "replacement" tubes for the Benchrite Long Drop Tube Funnel (Screw-Off) should you wish to have a different length tube or a spare. The tubes are identical to the tubes which come with the funnel, and screw directly on to the aluminum Benchrite Screw-Off Funnel - they do not fit the earlier non Screw-Off Benchrite Funnel or any other funnels that we know of. The tubes fit both our older Spun Aluminum Funnels and our new Billet Aluminum funnels. All tubes are machined to fit a neck turned (261 to 269 neck) PPC case neck, or the 10” 30 BR tube is machined to fit all the 30 BR cases we have tried and also most neck turned 308 cases.

SKU: 70-006-000
Quantity: 1 - Drop Tube
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