Dewey Cotton Chamber Mop


These cotton mops are used by just about every competition shooter to wipe out and dry the rifles chamber after cleaning the barrel. Cleaning rod guides do not reach all the way to the chamber throat, so some solvent or oil is always left in the chamber after cleaning. If this solvent or oil is not dried out, the first shot or two you shoot after cleaning will be from a "wet" chamber and shot placement will be off from aim point. These mops do the job easily. They are oversized to fit any chambering, they have a standard 8-32 (same as a bore brush) male thread to fit any chamber tool or short cleaning rod, and they are wound on a brass core to protect all barrel chambers. Most benchrest shooters spear a 1 ¾ or larger patch with the mop, let the patch get wet and dirty and keep the mop clean a lot longer. Sold individually, made in USA.

These chamber mops are now also available in a dozen pack, save $10 over purchasing a dozen single chamber mops.

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