Dewey Copper Eliminator Cleaning Rods


These "Copper Eliminator" rods from Dewey are constructed with the same heavy nylon coating most of us have trusted for years. They differ from "standard" Dewey rods only on the tip or ferrule of the rod, which is aluminum instead of brass. The rods come with an aluminum jag also, so you can use them with copper eliminating solvents like Wipe Out, Bore Tech Eliminator series, or any of the ammonia based solvents like Butch's or Montana Extreme without showing a "blue color" on the patch from the copper/brass in the rod or jag. If you are getting blue, it's from the bore itself! The aluminum rod ferrules have an 8-32 female tip, so you don't need a "brush adapter" like you do with the standard Dewey rods. The 22 caliber and 30 caliber rods both accept all standard 8-32 male brushes, jags and accessories. All rods come in Dewey's nice storage/transport tube. We stock 22-6.5 cal rods and 27 and up cal rods in 40 and 44 inch lengths, and we have actually carried the Copper Eliminator rods for some time. We wanted to judge their acceptance and durability with the shooters at the larger Benchrest matches - the results were most favorable. I can't think of any good shooters who have tried these rods and have gone back to the Standard rods or changed brands.

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