Dewey Coated Cleaning Rods


Dewey Coated Cleaning Rods are probably used by more competitive, military, law enforcement and other serious shooters than any other rod available. These Dewey rods are spring steel with a heavy nylon coating to protect barrel rifling and chamber throats. Rods are male ended, which allows Dewey to make the coating thicker, so a brush adapter (included with each rod) is required for brushes, mops or male threaded jags. Signature red Dewey rod handles are extremely comfortable and have good ball bearings. Dewey rods are measured from the rod end of the handle to the tip, and most benchrest rifles would need a 40 rod to avoid the handle passing over the butt of the stock. Shooters with moderately short arms do not usually like the 44 rods unless they are needed for 26 to 30 barrels. Each Dewey rod we sell is packed in a nice reusable rod tube and includes a brush adapter and female threaded jag (22 cal. jag with 22 rods, 30 cal. jag with 27 and up cal. rods). Made in the USA.

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Dewey cleaning rods

I've been using Dewey rods for years. You look around any loading barn you'll see that's what most everyone uses.They are a great compliment to Steve's rod cases. Mark
Posted by Mark Lincoln, Apr 3rd 2021