Davidson Seating Depth Checker


These little tools have been around the benchrest community for many years. Most experienced benchrest shooters consider the Davidson checkers to be the most accurate and easiest to use of all the depth measuring tools available. These tools attach to one leg of a dial caliper, are held on to the caliper with a small thumb screw, and are now machined from stainless steel. We carry them for 22 cal., 6mm, and 30 cal. These tools will give you a relative, comparable measurement of the bullet seating depth which will be close to the depth of the bullet on the lands of the chamber. The key word is relative, so you can accurately compare and measure changes in the seating depth of your bullets. The same comparator should always be used when making seating depth adjustments.

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Great gauge

I really like this and base for it.
Posted by Markus, Dec 23rd 2020

makes things easy

love this gauge.
Posted by ed, Aug 28th 2018