Davidson Seating Depth Checker Base


These Seating Depth Checker Base Pieces are designed to center and steady the case head while you are making seating depth measurements with your dial caliper and a Davidson SDC Nose piece. The bases have three “steps” machined to match the diameter of three case head sizes – Base #1 includes 222/223, PPC and 308 (.378”, .445”, .378”) case head sizes. Base #2 includes 222/223, 308 and standard belted magnum (.378”, .473” and .532”) case head sizes. Many shooters find they can make more consistent seating depth measurements if they use the combination Base and Nose pieces and not have to hold the case head centered on the caliper leg. Order the SDC Base Pieces by case head size from the drop-down below. Number 1 base fits the PPC and BR cases.

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seating depth checker

this item works fine.
Posted by gregory goodale, Mar 12th 2022