Davidson Bullet Puller


This Davidson “Plier Style” bullet puller has been used by benchrest shooters for many years to pull bullets from loaded rounds. This type of bullet puller is designed to pull “soft seated” bullets, not bullets from factory ammunition, rounds with “crimped” case necks or other cases with tightly held bullets. The tool will work on 22 caliber bullets, 6mm bullets and 30 caliber bullets. Most benchrest shooters keep one of these pullers in their range box, they are nicely made from anodized aircraft aluminum and do not take up a lot of room in the box.

SKU: 30-008-020


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Bullet Puller

A friend told me about this and although I'm not a benchers shooter, I wish I had this years ago. Makes my load testing easy to disassemble the loads that don't work and reuse brass and powder easily. Easy to use.
Posted by Center10.9, Jun 10th 2020