Butch's Bore Shine


Butch’s Bore Shine is a ”traditional” type bore solvent. It contains ammonia for dissolving copper, chemical cleaning agents for carbon removal and protective lubricants for barrel conditioning. Butch’s is probably the most used general cleaning solvent in the benchrest community today, and with good reason – it works fast and it works well. Most shooters apply Butch’s with patches and brush the bore with a bronze or nylon brush soaked with solvent. Safe for carbon or stainless steel barrels and safe to “soak” a barrel for any period of time. Brushes, especially bronze bore brushes, last much longer if Butch’s solvent is removed from the brush after cleaning. Use spray degreaser, brake cleaner, swirl in a bottle of alcohol or just water. A light application of a good bore oil should be the final step after cleaning the bore with Butch’s and drying with patches.

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