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Bore Tech Eliminator


Eliminator is a fairly new bore cleaner from Bore Tech which is rapidly gaining popularity in the Benchrest shooting community. Eliminator is one of the “new breed” of bore solvents which are non-hazardous, contain no ammonia, are environmentally safe and non-flammable. There’s no odor and Eliminator won’t harm stainless or chrome molly barrels. Eliminator removes copper fouling by changing the electronic state of the copper molecules then holds them in suspension so they can be patched out. Carbon fouling is addressed with a chemical surfactant package which breaks up the carbon/powder fouling layers.  Eliminator also contains a rust preventative to shield and protect the bore. If you are not completely happy with the bore cleaner you are using, Eliminator would be a good choice to try from the growing group of non-ammonia solvents. Bore Tech suggests brushing with Nylon Brushes when using Eliminator. 16 ounce plastic applicator bottle.

SKU: 20-001-085


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