Billet Powder Funnel (No Tubes)


This new Powder Funnel is machined from a solid aluminum billet which eliminates any ridges, gaps or creases which can catch powder kernels. The funnel is smaller than our spun aluminum funnel (about 1 7/8” across the funnel mouth) but it is so smooth and shapely it looks like a work of art! This one-piece funnel is also considerably more durable than the spun funnel.  All the funnel tubes for our spun aluminum funnel fit this billet funnel also, but this funnel is available without tubes in case you already have one or more Benchrite Funnel Tubes. If you don’t have Benchrite Funnel Tubes, order a funnel with tube on this page.  The smaller size does not seem to make using this funnel any more difficult to use, and it certainly takes up less room in your loading box.

SKU: 70-004-000
Quantity: 1 - Funnel


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The new powder funnel and 12 inch drop tube

This is a great product I’m doing some load development now with my six PPC and some of the charges go all the way to 30.2 grains of 133. If you slow tap You can literally see the powder dropping down the tube. No hassles with powder hangups and I don’t have to vibrate my cases anymore. The advantage to the smaller funnel as I can put it in my box without fear of damaging it.
Posted by Kelly Novak, Apr 27th 2021