Benchrite Super Bolt Lube


Benchrite Super Bolt Lube bolt body lubricant is a special formula lubricant for the body of the bolt, not the lugs or camming surfaces. This lube is applied with your finger to the body of the bolt and makes even non-fluted bolts glide smoothly and easily in the action. The one ounce hard plastic bottle has a special orifice reducer which puts just the right amount of lube on your finger by just tipping the bottle. Super Bolt Lube is not gummy, wipes off easily, and stays on the bolt body for several matches. This lube is very similar to the original Tru Kote Bolt Body Lube, but we made it slightly more viscous to stay on the bolt longer.

SKU: 20-007-001


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Super bolt lube

Ive tried several different brands of bolt lube and over time they leave a sticky feel , I do not get that with super bolt lube fl, this stuff makes the bolt feel like its on roller bearings !!!!
Posted by Adam H, Dec 28th 2022

only bolt lube I use

This is the only bolt lube I use. I put a small drop on my pointer finger and work it all over the bearing surfaces of my bolt.
Posted by Pat, Aug 30th 2022

Benchrite Super Bolt Lube

Excellent lube and better than I expected thanks
Posted by Gordon, Sep 27th 2019

Bolt lube

Great product, really impressed
Posted by John E. Gardner, Jun 3rd 2019

Bolt Lube

This stuff is amazing. I borrowed some from a guy at a tournament in Kansas. I bought some as soon as I got home.
Posted by Jason Stanley, Apr 24th 2019

A Must!

If your gun has a bolt this item is a must to have.
Posted by ed, Aug 28th 2018