Benchrite Stockboot


Cleaning a rifle always drips solvents and oils on the butt stock, even if you use a good rod guide. Our Stockboot covers the back of the rifle stock and protects painted or fine wood finishes from these harsh chemical products. The Benchrite Stockboot has a cloth outer layer to absorb spilled cleaning agents and a vinyl inner layer to protect the stock surface. We have Stockboots in two sizes – small for most modern benchrest rifles and large for hunting and varmint rifles with larger butt stocks or rubber recoil pads. Stockboots are easily washed with dish or laundry soap. If you get in the habit of cleaning with a Stockboot in place you will find that cleaning without one just doesn’t feel right. You don’t go back to the firing line with a greasy feeling stock either. Our Stockboots are made in Canada by Bill Gammon.


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