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Anyone who ever shot or attended a Benchrest match in the last 20 years has seen all the different carts shooters use to move their rest and equipment around the range - most of them ended up using the ubiquitous "dock carts" in various broken down conditions. The maker of the most popular dock cart discontinued them several years ago and we began thinking about a cart designed for our needs - and would hold up for years and years. Our cart is the result of many prototypes and design changes, and we feel it fits the bill just right. The cart frame is aluminum, deck measures 22" x 14" inside, the handle is heavy walled aluminum pipe with a cushioned grip handle and it comes off the cart with one spring loaded clip. The wheels are 14" composite spoked with "run flat" tires and two ball bearings in each wheel. Wheels are removable with one spring loaded clip which won't bend or fall off. Cart deck is a material called "marine board" plastic, and all fasteners are stainless steel - no rust or broken plastic - ever. The tote furnished with our cart is a Rubbermaid Brute 14 gallon Commercial Tote, the best we could find - it holds all the different rests we have tried, plus a rear bag, snake, towels, elbow bag and anything else you need to haul to the bench. If you choose the "shipped" option, the cart is shipped Priority Mail in a 275 lb. carton, handle and wheels disassembled and carefully packed. There are about 20 of these carts in use now, and everyone has raved about it. One of our Canadian customers says the cart is just perfect for his pistol matches!




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