Benchrite Powder Measure Drop Tubes


These Benchrite Drop Tubes are the clear acrylic tubes with aluminum sleeves preferred by competition shooters. Tubes come in two sleeve diameters: .620” diameter for Neil Jones measures and Sinclair Redding and RCBS adapters, and .560” diameter for Lyman, Dodd, older Sinclair Culver style and Bruno measures. Drop tubes are in stock for both sleeve diameters in 3/16" (small for 22 cal. to 6mm case necks)) inside diameter and 1/4" (large 6.5 mm neck and up) inside diameter. Tubes are stocked in lengths of 4", 6", 8" and 10". We have seen many drop tubes snapped off in a crowded loading barn, and carrying a spare tube is good insurance.


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Drop tubes

Awesome quality, Awesome service!!!! Thank you. It arrived in 2 days.
Posted by Chris Covell, Apr 23rd 2021