Benchrite Loading Table


Some ranges have tables for loading at benchrest matches but many do not. We have learned not to count on good tables being available, and we have also found that having your reloading and cleaning gear set up the same way at every match is more relaxing, easier to set up and pack up and seems conducive to better concentration on the match. We made a lot of tables before we settled on this size and construction, and the table in the photo has probably been to 200 matches, still going strong. Our standard table is 49 ½" long, 30" wide and 29 ¼" tall. Custom sizes can be made to fit in smaller vehicles. The table top is ¾" birch cabinet plywood, side trim is clear red oak for durability. Leg sets are bolted through the top with nylock nuts and flat washers, will never come loose. Plastic leg cups are riveted to the legs so they wont come off when pulled out of the mud. Finish is three coats of Minwax satin polyurethane, sanded between each coat. Standard table has a flush block under the left front corner for powder measure stand mounting, and flush blocks can be provided for press mounting. We will have standard tables at major matches we attend, or your standard or custom table can be delivered to a specific match we are going to. We do not ship loading tables, but friends have toted new tables all over the country for their shooting buddies.

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