Benchrite Custom Brass Jags


Several years ago Dave Wick, an accomplished benchrest shooter from southern Ohio, made brass cleaning jags freehand on a small lathe. Almost any shooter who used one of Daves jags said it was the best jag he had ever used. Dave Wick has passed away, but lots of shooters have asked if we could make jags like his, they just dont want to use anything else. We now have œWick Style jags in 22 caliber (.164 diameter), 6mm (.178 diameter) and 30 caliber (.246 diameter). All calibers are available in female thread to fit male-ended Dewey rods or male thread (8-32) to fit most female threaded rod ends. Benchrite Jags have a very sharp steel insert point for easy patch pearcing, and the jags grip the patch for short-stroking paste type bore cleaners. Patches drop off easily when the jag exits the end of the barrel. For 6mm barrels, use a 6mm jag with 1 3/8 patches, or a 22 caliber jag with 1 ¾ patches. Try a Benchrite Brass Jag and you wont want to use any other jag again. Custom jags can be made for other calibers or rod threads like European metric threaded rods.

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Benchrite cleaning Jags

Excellent jags !!!
Posted by Dennis, Jan 20th 2022


If you have somthing bad to say about these you need someone to show you how it's done. The best I've ever had. I've had Parker's, Tipton, none of the. Compare. The tip holds the patch way better , so you can get in the gun with out falling off.
Posted by Chad Joyner, Jun 12th 2019

Cusom patch jag

You will never buy any other jag again. The extra sharp tip is the key.
Posted by Wayne, Jun 4th 2019

22cal cleaning jags

Well made, however pricey. Not that much better than other cleaning jags priced a lot less.
Posted by John E. Gardner, Jun 3rd 2019