Benchrite Cleaning Rod Cases


Match shooters carry at least two, and often three cleaning rods to the range each time they shoot a match or practice, and they are particular about taking good care of their rods. We have seen some pretty good cleaning rod carrying cases, but none as good as we really wanted. We decided to make our own just how we thought they should be designed and built.

Our rod cases employ a unique collet method for holding the rods in the tubes – no nylon thumb screws, bungee cords, rubber bands or hold-down blocks. The collets hold the rods securely, but loosen with just a partial twist of the knurled collet nut. Tubes are stainless steel, collets and tube connectors are Delrin, all connector set screws are stainless, and the tube ends are plugged with a fitted plug. Cases are available for Dewey rod collets which fit Dewey cleaning rods with no adapter. We make Rod Case Adapters to fit all other brands of cleaning rods in the “Dewey” Rod Cases.  Available as single rod cases, two rod sets and three rod sets.

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Benchrite Rod Cleaning Cases

Like all things from Benchrite, these are well made and engineered for use with (various adaptors for different Manufacture’s cleaning rods) up to 44"...and like a lot of items in the sport of shooting, these will serve the Shotgun sporting shooters as well and also provide a great way to store your rods, no matter what type of traveling shooting you do or at home...6 stars out of five.
Posted by John Kully, Dec 1st 2021

Benchrite Cleaning Rod Carrying Case

Love it! Very high quality. Excellent rod retention. Rods are stable in the case and well protected. I am not often this pleased with a product purchase.
Posted by William Carroll, Sep 10th 2020

Must have

This rod carrier is very well built, shipped taped to a board so not to get damaged during shipping. Holds 44" rods with brush / jag installed. These rods ,like everything from Benchrite, is heavy duty and built for benchrest shooters by a benchrest shooter. Well done
Posted by Wayne, Apr 24th 2019

Rod case

Love this case very strong very unique and quality you’re looking for quality you’re not gonna find better
Posted by Bryan Blaser, Oct 8th 2018