Benchrite Adjustable Primer Pocket Uniformer


The Benchrite Adjustable Primer Pocket Uniformer for small or large rifle primer pockets can be adjusted to clean up and uniform the bottoms of your primer pockets regardless of variances in brass manufacturing. Primer pockets vary in depth by case manufacturer and lot number, and many pre-set uniformers either do not clean up the bottom of the pocket or they take out too much brass. The ½” diameter collar on the Benchrite Uniformer also makes it easier to keep the uniformer square to the case head. We set the cutter on the Benchrite Uniformer to the mid-range of the SAMI spec for primer pocket depth for both small and large primer pockets. The Small Rifle Uniformer will also work for Small Pistol primer pockets. The diameter of the Benchrite carbide cutter works ideally for Lapua 220 Russian and Lapua 6mm BR brass. Our uniformer cutter is carbide, the collar, handle insert and set screws are stainless steel, handle is a very comfortable ¾” diameter. If you do adjust the cutter depth, your primer pocket depth becomes your responsibility. Made in USA.

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Primer Pocket Uniformer

I scored a large pile of Norma 375 Flanged Mag NE cases for dirt cheap. Went to prime the first batch and I think I found out why they were only 40 cents each! The primer pockets were shallow. You could not seat a primer flush, let alone below flush. Two minutes to adjust the tool, 30 seconds to carefully ream and presto!! Primers seated a couple thousandths below flush. This tool is great!
Posted by Tim Arbeiter, May 16th 2023

Primer pocket reformer

Best tool to have to seat the primer to a proper height. The primer on my brand new Lapua 223 brass seat on the high side after putting the primer in the brass. I use the Berchrite adjustable primer pocket reformer to take some pocket brass out, and seat my primer to a proper height. Best tool for the job.
Posted by Anselmo Laforteza, Jul 13th 2022