Battery Adapter Cable


These cables are designed to enable you to operate a Powder Dispenser (ChargeMaster, Frankfort, Lyman or most others) or an electronic powder scale from a battery power source while you are loading at the range. In addition, most of these electronic devices seem to operate more consistently with battery DC power instead of with an AC (plug-in) adapter. The cable is a two-piece design, with a 1 foot pigtail which plugs into the device and a three foot cord which has female spade terminals on the ends. The two parts can be pulled apart to change batteries easily. You must provide the correct battery voltage for the device you are using - most Dispensers are 12 volt (Lyman is 9 volt), scales can be 6, 9 or 12 volt. Cables are made by Benchrite, soldered together and stress relieved. Easy answer to step and hunt connections.

SKU: 30-005-130


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