Barrel Mirage Shade


Believe it or not, the heat from shooting rounds through a barrel rises up in front of your scope objective and can distort the image you see. That’s why you see all sorts of goofy looking attachments on benchrest barrels during a match. Our Mirage Shade is a simple very lite gauge aluminum 24 inches long and 2 inches wide. Two sets of Velcro attachments are included, and the aluminum shade is easily cut with regular scissors. The Shade should be mounted on the barrel so that the front edge is just a fraction of an inch back from the end of the barrel and the back of the Shade extends past the bell of the scope to the rear. The Shade will guide the barrel heat waves (mirage) around the bell of the scope instead of right in front of it – maybe make that .201 group into a .150!!

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Mirage Shield

I ordered this mirage shield to try out as I have been shooting indoor over the winter. The shield works perfectly, and installed in just minutes. Everything you need is included, and the shield works! Great price, service, shipping, so I can highly recommend this company and product.
Posted by Larry Mills, Feb 14th 2023

barrel heat shield

works great, highly recommend
Posted by walter muratori, Feb 3rd 2023

Barrel Mirage Shade

Works perfect!! Exactly what I was needing. Priced right!
Posted by Todd, Jan 5th 2023

Mirage shade

Was what I was expecting, came with Velcro attachments, which is nice. I'm thinking these might help a lot with the mirage that comes off the barrel on the hot days....
Posted by Russell , Sep 20th 2022

mirage band

could not be any better for the money ,it does work.
Posted by Scott Eberth, Jul 20th 2022

Mirage shield thoughts

The 24" long shield works with my Ruger Precision 26" barrel. It's too short for my 50BMG AR50 with 30" barrel. My preference but, I wish it was black instead of white in color.
Posted by ROBERT KNIGHT, Jun 13th 2022

Mirage shield

Great product easy to use Just cut to length I needed and put on velcro fasteners added some stickers It helps tremendously with barrel mirage and looks cool
Posted by Doug Currence, Apr 19th 2022

Mirage Shield

Very happy with this product. Very, very reasonably priced. Product works as advertised.
Posted by Tommy Breaux, Dec 7th 2021

Mirage Free

Excellent product like I said Mirage Free!!!!
Posted by DTJ, Nov 22nd 2021