Chuck MacCluer

AccuGauge Sizing Die Set-Up Gauge


Once in a while someone (usually someone pretty smart) comes up with a tool which does a job we all need to do better than anything we had available before. Chuck MacCluer is a Detroit area Benchrest shooter and a retired college mathematics professor who decided there had to be a better, easier and more accurate way to set up the shoulder set-back on our full length sizing dies. The AccuGauge perfectly fills the bill. You don’t need to rely on “bolt feel”, chambered barrel stubs or the little “shoulder gauge” most of us have in our box. Just drop a fired case in the end of the piston and insert the piston into the gauge body, then read off the chamber length from the dial indicator. Checking cases as they age will tell you when you need to readjust the sizing die a bit. The piston works with all PPC cases up to a .269 neck. To use the Accugauge for a case other than PPC, a Wilson Case Gage is a perfect piston in place of the PPC piston furnished with the Accugauge. Benchrite stocks Wilson Case Gages for 6mm BR and 30 BR. The dial indicator can be “zeroed” to your chamber, so the shoulder set-back is read right off the dial with no adding or subtracting. This little tool is fast, accurate and very easy to use. Complete instructions are included.

SKU: 30-004-080


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